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Pro Exposure Photography's  Boudoir and Lingerie photo shoots take place in our Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire Photography studio but we have been known to shoot elsewhere if the client desires. The studio is a relaxing space with dedicated private shooting area and changing room which is ideal for our photo shoots. On arrival we take you into the studio to discuss your session and the types of images we are going to be working on and your clothing choices that you have with you. We will then work out a plan for your shoot and show you to our dressing room so you can get ready...

Back out in the studio we will work with you to get a variety of images and poses and are there to guide you through where to look, move and what to do with your hands, arms and legs to create flattering boudoir photos.

We work with a clients of all shapes and sizes and the only ages restriction are the legal ones dependant on the type of session we are shooting i.e. over 18 for boudoir.  We work with young adults, students, mothers, grandmothers and each session is individual so we will work with you to tailor your experience and get the best images we can whilst giving you the opportunity to really express yourself and know that no one is judging you.

We can provide a hair and make-up artist for your session on request and this will be at an extra cost to your photo shoot.

Some of our clients want to bring a friend along to their sessions and we have tried this many a time and it simply does not work. Our clients generally do not relax and enjoy the session as much as they do normally so we as a result we base our shoots on a one to one basis. We do have a relaxing lounge area where they are welcome to wait while your shoot takes place and help with outfit changes etc but the main studio area will be dedicated to you.