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We have been contacted recently and asked if we could help a new client with some photographs of a range of different coloured barbeque grill brushes. We then went a few weeks awaiting for the brushes to arrive by courier and finally we have managed to get them in the studio for some photography.


The brief was to create a high quality product image and also incorporate a very specific BBQ cooking set up which we luckily were able to accommodate and re create. We took the brushes into the studio and added some lights to them to see how the materials would respond to different lighting set ups and quickly realised that the materials needed to be lit very differently to get the most from them. 

One of the initial set ups consisted of 3 small soft boxes placed close to the brushes as the behind the scenes shot below shows.



From this we worked out that we needed a multi light setup and our workflow changed quite a bit to allow for the shape and materials used in the brush. 


The results were quite a lot different and really made the brushes stand out using a complimentary colour pallet for each one.


Pro Exposure Photography - Product Photography - bbq brushPro Exposure Photography - Product Photography - bbq brush

We also had to use these images as the basis for some composite images for website banners using a very specific BBQ and food type as featured below.


BBQ Grill BrushBBQ Grill BrushFood & Drink Photography

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